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Have your say  Retirement transitions for rural Australians - search for study participants in Riverina

Wed 16, Aug 2017

Are you aged over 45 years of age and living in the Riverina area of New South Wales and either working or retired?

If so, you may be eligible to participate in a research study investigating retirement transitions for older rural Australians. If you identify with any of the groups

If you identify with any of the groups below and are interested in discussing your experience, please contact the researcher listed below.


Retirement pathways, mental well-being and suicidal behaviours in older rural Australians.

The Researcher is looking for people over the age or 45, living in rural or remote NSW, and who relate to one of the following groups.

Group 1: NOK (Next of Kin) – Lived Experience (has had a family member die by suicide in the last 10 years, who was either working or retired and over 45 years of age)

Group 2: Lived Experience (has had lived experience of suicide and is either retired or working and over 45 years of age)

Group 3: Retired or working (has not had any lived experience of suicide, either themselves or through the loss of a family member, and is over 45 years of age).

The interview would take approximately one hour and will take place at a mutually agreeable place and time. During the interview, the researcher will ask you approximately 5 questions, asking you to recount your experience of retirement or your plans for retirement in the next few years.

Sometimes, talking about issues relating to mental health or stressors can be distressing. If you experience any level of discomfort, then the interview can be stopped immediately. If you wish to talk to someone about how you are feeling, contact details for organisations who can assist you will be provided.

For more information or to take part in the study, please contact researcher Kylie Crnek-Georgeson.


Phone: (02) 46203628 (Please leave a message if unattended)

This study has been approved by the Western Sydney University’s Ethics Committee, Approval number H12022


Photo credit: Tim J Keegan



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