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Nothing about us without us is for us

Fri 19, Jan 2018

Back in late 2010, a group of fierce but caring community members decided it was about time that NSW should have their own peak health consumer organisation.
A health consumer can be anybody who is a potential user of health services: patients, ex-patients, future patients, carers, family members... and the list goes on.
So, due to tireless advocating, work and pressure, Health Consumers NSW was born.
Photo right: Health Consumers NSW founding members with then NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner (centre).

What we do

We support and help health consumers to be a voice for themselves and their communities. We do this through:
We do not offer a personal advocacy service and we don’t handle personal complaints about a health service you received. But we can help you to find the right person to talk to.

Why it’s important

All around Australia, consumers are getting involved in health organisations and services. They are sharing their experience as users of health services, commenting on consumer and carers’ issues and becoming active partners in the design, planning and evaluation of health services and health research.
Consumers bring a unique perspective to organisations by representing the views of a particular organisation or of a particular population. Consumers can draw upon their own experience of many things:
  • a health condition they are affected by
  • their experience of using a health service
  • their experience as a carer, family member or friend of a health service consumer
  • their participation in their local community.

November 2017 training

Health consumers attending our training to become better advocates for themselves and their communities.

Consumer engagement is about involving consumers in decision-making. Be it decisions at an individual level – around people’s own health, treatments and illness-management (consumer-centred care) – or at health service level around policy development, service design, delivery and evaluation.

Research shows great benefits to health systems, patients and even health staff when care is centred on patients and their support people. It is not only better experiences and health outcomes for patients, but even things like less re-admissions to hospitals and happier doctors and nurses.

So go to our website and sign up to become a member. It’s free and you’ll be well on your journey to changing health services in NSW for the better. Because nothing about us without us is every really for us.

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