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Have your say  ACI and CEC joint Consumer Council 2018

Thu 22, Mar 2018

Deadline: Monday, 7 May 2018
Who: NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and NSW Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)


The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) are establishing a joint Consumer Council in 2018. The purpose is to create a stronger consumer voice for safety, quality and innovation in NSW health across both organisations.

This Council is a governance sub-committee of both organisations’ Boards and will:

  • advise the joint ACI and CEC Board on consumer representation within the respective organisations 
  • contribute to ACI and CEC priorities
  • lead and facilitate effective consumer representation within and across all levels of ACI and CEC.

Who can apply for the Council?

We are looking for a diverse range of people, who reflect our NSW community, with an interest in supporting and improving the public healthcare system. Ideally, they will be members of the public who have recent personal experiences using NSW public health services - whether as patients, consumers, service users, carers or supporting family members.

We know that our cultural and social backgrounds including race, ethnicity, language, education, economic status, sexuality, gender identity and age can influence how we understand and make decisions about our health. Our commitment is to actively recruit members to the Consumer Council that reflect and celebrate this wealth of diversity in NSW.

What are the benefits of joining this Council?

Members of the Council will:

  • contribute to the way healthcare is delivered in NSW
  • work with people from a wide-range of backgrounds, experiences and skills
  • have training and development opportunities.

What will Council members be asked to do?

Members will be appointed for two years. Members will be asked to attend meetings and may be asked for input into the ongoing work of the ACI and CEC between meetings.


The Council will meet up to four times each year. Each meeting will be for 3 hours. The first meeting will be on 20 June 2018. It is expected that meetings will be from 3pm – 6pm. We know that finding a meeting time that works best for all members will be difficult. We are open to changing the meeting time based on the needs and preferences of members. Meetings will be face-to-face with remote and virtual meeting options for members as required.

The Council will be co-chaired by ACI and CEC Board members Tomas Ratoni and Laila Hallam.

This is a voluntary position and members will not be paid for their appointment to the Council. Members will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses to attend meetings including travel and accommodation for people living in rural and remote areas of NSW.

How will the Council members be supported?

The ACI Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement (PEACE) Team and CEC Patient Centred Team will provide organisational support to the Council. Members will receive an orientation to both organisations and access to training and development opportunities.

How do I apply?

Provide a short letter demonstrating how you meet the following essential attributes.

In no more than 100 words for each of the following attributes, please describe your skills and experiences. Examples are welcome.

  1. Genuine commitment to improve how healthcare is delivered – why is this important to you?
  2. Confidence to speak openly and honestly in a group, and an ability to listen with an open mind to different perspectives.
  3. Ability to consider issues strategically by drawing on your personal health care experiences, and those of others.
  4. Use your personal healthcare experiences to explore, understand and problem-solve.
  5. Manage realistic expectations about the time you have available to commit to engagement.
  6. Lead, connect and support consumer representatives broadly within ACI and/or CEC.
  7. Willingness to undertake training

Closes on Monday 7 May 2018

Submit the letter to: or by Monday 7 May 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by email on Monday 28 May 2018 and invited for an interview on either the 5 or 6 June 2018.

For more information

You can learn more about both organisations by visiting the organisation website.


Tara Dimopoulos-Bick or Kay de Ridder.

Tara Dimopoulos-Bick ACI Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement Manager (02) 9464 4684

Kay de Ridder CEC Program Manager Patient Centred Care (02) 9269 5571


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