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Have your say  Take part in a Sydney Nursing School panel discussion on access and equity in the Australian Healthcare System

Sat 07, Jul 2018

Deadline: Monday, 23 July 2018
Event: Wednesday, 22 August 2018; 4-5.30pm, Camperdown
Who: Sydney Nursing School

The Sydney Nursing School requires a health care consumer to participate in a panel discussion on access and equity in the Australian Healthcare System.

This is on the topic of nursing engagement in access and equity issues in health care in Australia. The session is for approximately 300 final year pre-registration students and the panel will have  3-4 experts who will address, from their own perspective, questions from the student audience. These questions will be pre-arranged and sent to the panelists prior to the discussion. 

They consider it critical that the students also have the opportunity to engage with consumers of the health care system. That's why they're seeking a suitable participant that can address issues of access and equity in the Australian health care system from their own experience and who would be willing to speak at this event. 

This session is part of a unit of study about the Australian health care system, including the structure, funding arrangements, workforce issues, and in particular the extent to which different populations groups can access the system appropriately. 

It is essential that new graduates have some understanding of the system and the ways in which it facilitates or limits access to health care services for various groups in the community. We anticipate that engagement with experts and consumers in this panel session will inspire students and help them to see how this understanding can inform their clinical practice. 

The session will be held on Wednesday, 22 August from 4-5.30pm in Lecture Theatre BG.01 at Sydney Nursing School, 88 Mallett St, Camperdown. Travel expenses will be paid and a fee can be negotiated. 

If you're interested in being part of the panel, please contact Moira Dunsmore, Lecturer and Unit Coordinator on (02) 9351 0784 or 0410 708669 or email:


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