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Become involved in consumer representation

Are you ready to represent your community?

All around Australia consumers are getting involved in health organisations and services. They are sharing their experience as users of health services, commenting on consumer and carers’ issues and becoming active partners in the design, planning and evaluation of health services.

This usually means being involved in committees, workshops and surveys and working together with health services, such as a local hospital, to provide feedback about how things can be done better and what the community needs.

Consumer representatives generally are volunteers and becoming involved takes some time and dedication. However, the rewards of seeing better health services and making healthcare better for your community and all people in NSW are huge. Organisations usually pay for your out-of-pocket expenses and some pay a 'sitting fee'.

What do I need to do to become a consumer 'rep'?

You might already have a 'cause' or an organisation you are working with or you may like to get more involved and need some help doing so. Either way, we are here to help you.

In order for us to support you in your important work, we suggest you become a member of HCNSW. Membership is free and as a member we will send you our regular newsletters and training information to ensure that you remain informed about important issues of concern to health consumers as well as staying connected with other health consumers in NSW. You can also take part in our training.

We frequently get requests from health organisations that are looking for consumer representatives to join them and we try to match you with an organisation that fits and needs somebody with your experience and interests.

Consumers toolkit

Please browse our consumers toolkit for a step-by-step guide on what types of consumer representation you can get involved in and how to become a 'consumer rep'.