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Consumer and Community Engagement Model

Health consumers, clinicians and health services all want to improve health care, however working together can be complex and challenging. The Consumer and Community Engagement Model identifies and measures how consumer and community engagement contributes to consumer-centred care, so you can get on with implementing effective engagement.

The Consumer and Community Engagement Model is an outcome of the WentWest-Health Consumers NSW Joint Consumer Engagement Project. It is intended to be used as a guide for consumers and health professionals to work together effectively to improve the outcomes and experience of health care. Health services are using the model to inform their engagement programs and compliment their accreditation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

The Consumer and Community Engagement Report outlines the evidence underpinning the model, the context for developing the model and explains the model itself.

CCE model diagramThe Consumer and Community Engagement model (pictured, right) looks closely at the types of engagement processes associated with improving consumer-centred care. The model also identifies the necessary infrastructure and inputs that are important for engagement to be effective and sustainable.

We hope that this model provides consumers, communities and health services with clarity and guidance around consumer and community engagement.

We see this model as a starting point and we expect it will be refined and adapted in response to the unknown challenges and innovations that the future will bring.

In order to do this, and as part of our own commitment to quality and continuous improvement, HCNSW welcomes and encourages consumers, communities and health services to contact us with any comments, feedback and criticisms of the model and its implementation.

Download the full Consumer and Community Engagement Report, the A3 poster of the model, the four-page A4 brochure and watch the webinar.