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Consumer representative stories

Do you have a story worth telling? Do you want to connect with other health consumer representatives and hear about their success, frustration and tips?

On this page, we publish your stories. So please get in touch with your stories and experiences.

Patient Experience Symposium 2017

Health Consumers NSW were a partner at the 2017 Patient Experience Symposium in NSW. During the two days of the Symposium, we ran a story-telling workshop for health consumers and we also asked them to tell us their stories on camera. This video is the result of the collected footage and was shown in the final plenary session. Thanks to all the health consumers who came and talked to us!

A word with... series

Yvonne Mc Master


A word with... Yvonne McMaster, a tireless palliative care activist and HCNSW individual member.



Heather Topp



A word with... Heather Topp, a Buddhist Minister, advocate of 'respect' in healthcare and HCNSW individual member.



Lynda Jonston 

A word with Lynda Johnston, Manager - Consumer and Community Participation, SWSLHD. 



John Leyden


A word with Dr. John Leyden,  Anesthetist extraordinaire, HCNSW Treasurer and founder of the Unicorn Foundation.



Stop this meeting I want to get off

"Stop this meeting I want to get off" is a tongue-in-cheek video shedding light on the practicalities of engaging and empowering consumers. It shows a sketch that the Health Issues Centre in Victoria uses in their health consumer training. If you have ever sat in a committee meeting and wondered what you were doing there, you will get a chuckle out of this.