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Engaging others

people talkingMaking a difference can mean getting others involved, linking into existing community resources and gathering information about your issue.

In this section we have gathered useful resources for consumer and community organisations just starting out or wanting to engage more with health services.

Setting up a new group

If you plan to start a new consumer or community group, take a look at the resources and guidelines that are available to help you. 

Tools to help you gather data 

If you want to advocate on behalf of your community or condition you will need to gather the relevant data. We have collected several online sources of data here.

Gathering the views of your community or group

Whether you are representing 15 people or a community of 15,000 you will want to gather their views and opinions in a manageable and appropriate way. Take a look at some of the guidelines for community engagement we have collected.

Practical resources

Local community centres, existing groups and online tools that can help you achieve your goals.

Other organisations that can help you

There are other organisations set up to support community organisations organise and advocate for their members - here's a few suitable for NSW consumer and community groups.