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Getting started

Find out more about different ways you can give feedback or get involved to help make healthcare better.

Who is a health consumer? What is health consumer engagement?

And why don't we use the word patient very often? To find out what common terms are used and what they mean click here.

What to do if you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion

Did you or someone you care for have an experience at a health service that you would like to provide feedback on? Health services want to hear what you have to say whether it’s good, bad or mixed. Check out the various ways you can provide that feedback here.

Speak up for better treatment or management of a specific condition

Do you or a loved one have a specific condition that could be better managed or better understood by health services or the general community? Find out more about how to speak up for a specific condition.

Get involved at a system level for better consumer-centred care

There are opportunities for health consumers to get involved at regional or state levels to provide the consumer voice in health service design, policy development and other health decision making. Find out more about getting involved at a regional or state level.

Working together to change the system

Read about what advocacy is, how you can work with others, examples of system advocacy and tips on getting started. Click here to read this excellent article originally published by Health Consumers Queensland.