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What is the Intersections project?

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Do you have trouble getting the healthcare you need? Have you been treated badly or denied access? 

Our Intersections project wants to talk to people who fall through the cracks because they are part of more than one group that is currently excluded or treated badly when seeking healthcare.

What does 'intersectional needs' mean?

Some people have been treated badly or excluded when they seek health care. This might be because of their faith, their gender, their sexuality, their disability label, their bodies, or another reason. Some people are part of more than one group that has been treated badly. The word intersectional refers to the needs of people who are part of more than one group.

Find more information about intersections here.

Could you be a person we want to listen to?

We would love to listen to you if you use, or have tried to use, healthcare services in South Eastern Sydney. You don't have to live in the region. We are looking for people who consider themselves to have at least two of these three areas of intersectional needs:

  • genders, bodies & relationships: (for example but not limited to people who are: intersex; Sistergirls; Brotherboys; kathoey; takatāpui; women (of trans experience or history, who want to be respected as regular women); men (of trans experience or history, who want to be respected as regular men); trans people (who want to be called trans); non-binary; genderqueer; bigender' agender; asexual; bisexual; pansexual; queer; poly; lesbian; gay; 
  • faith/belief, culture & citizenship: (for example but not limited to people who are: from an Aboriginal/Indigenous and/or Torres Strait Islander community; primary speakers of a language other than English; from marginalised or excluded culture(s) and/or faith/beliefs; undocumented or seeking asylum or refugee status; a migrant worker;
  • social discrimination or access barriers: (for example but not limited to people who are or have been: living with a long-term or complex health condition such as HIV, diabetes, or Hep C; homeless; no/low income; living with a disability label or psychiatric diagnosis, Autistic/Aspy or identify as neurodiverse; from a rural or remote community, living with the illness of substance addiction; past or current sex workers) 

This is only a sample, not a complete list. We also want to hear from you if you don't see yourself mentioned here!

What's in it for you?

We are not using your story to look good or for some hidden agenda. We want to talk to you because we want to use your story to improve health services and help others like you get their needs met. 

We will also give you a $100 gift card from Coles to show our thanks.

What's different about how you will treat me and use my story?

We are looking for people whose voices haven't been heard, not just people who are considered 'leaders'. We know that each person's needs and experiences will be different from other people who might check the same boxes.

Find out more about our approach and how we will treat you here.

Want to talk to us? 

You can complete the below form for us to contact you. Or you can get in touch with our Project Manager Gávi at or mobile 0403 878 492. You can also ask to join our Intersections Facebook group.

Disclaimer: The Intersections Project is funded by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD). We also thank Scotland’s The Equality Network and their Intersectional Projects Coordinator Sam Rankin for the successful initiative that inspired our project:

Intersections Project Contact Form

Once you click to submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email from us to let you know we have successfully received your request. If you don't receive a confirmation email from us within half an hour, please contact us via phone (02) 9986 1082 or email

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