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Organisation Membership Application

As an organisation, you may apply for either Voting Membership or Associate Membership.

Voting Membership

Voting Membership is open to organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • Has aims and objectives that include the representation of the opinions of consumers and sections of the community on health matters;
  • In practice represents and/or is capable of reflecting consumer opinions;
  • Does not act primarily as the representative of professional, provider, or "for profit" and such like interests;
  • Has a membership open to consumers and/or consumer organisations who can be elected to the governing body of the organisation; and
  • Fully supports the aims and objectives of HCNSW.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to all other applicants who are:

  • Individuals
  • Not for profit organisations, other than Voting Members
  • Other organisations accepted by the HCNSW Board


Organisation Membership Application

This application is for use by organisations that wish to become an Associate or Voting Member of Health Consumers NSW. If you are applying for Voting Membership, please ensure eligibility by checking the criteria outlined below and attaching your Aims and Objectives or Constitution document.

Your Members

If you are applying for Voting Membership, please check your eligibility against the following:-

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Health Consumers NSW Aims and Objectives

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Once you click to submit your application form, you will receive a confirmation email from us to let you know we have successfully received your application. If you don't receive a confirmation email from us with half an hour, please contact us via phone (02) 9986 1082 or email

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