A word with… Maryam Zahid

Maryam Zahid is the Founder and Managing Director of Afghan Women on the Move, a charity that works to provide advocacy, social connectivity through social media platforms, settlement and mental health support to the Afghan community, and especially Afghan women, in the greater Sydney area. She is also a Domestic Violence Prevention Officer with SydWest Multicultural Services.
We talked to Maryam about her personal experience during the ‘Summer 2021/22’ Covid outbreak in Sydney and how her community experienced the situation.

Consumer voices on Covid-19

What are consumers and consumer organisations saying about living with Covid in NSW? We met with our COVID consumer taskforces to discuss the current issues impacting consumers and consumer organisations and collected experiences through Amplify. We spoke to consumer leaders and consumer organisations from around NSW and this is what we are hearing.

A word with… Tricia Parker

Tricia is an experienced health consumer representative who can look back on an almost 30-year career of representing patients, their families, carers and the community in South Western Sydney. We talked about the early days, the changes she has witnessed in health consumer engagement and why she’s decided to step back in her commitments in the future. 

How will the next weeks and months look like for people who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 in NSW?

For people who can’t be vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons, or who are vaccinated but who build a weaker immune response to the vaccine due to their condition, the experience of re-opening NSW will likely be very different to the one of healthy, fully vaccinated people.

We talked to Alexandra Martiniuk, a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Sydney, about what to expect.

A word with… Kris Tucker

Kris is a health consumer representative with lived experience of stroke and a near-death experience. Nine years after his stroke, he is involved in several health consumer representative roles. They include sitting on the Western Sydney Local Health District Consumer Council, being the consumer Co-Chair of the NSW Health ‘Elevating the human experience- Culture and staff experience’ enabler group and sitting on the ‘Emergency department patient experience program’. We’ve talked to him about his experience and his journey to becoming a health consumer representative.

Ahpra Code of Conduct

Are you a health consumer who has an interest in the professional standards that health practitioners need to meet when they look after their patients? Would you like to help Ahpra and National Boards make the code easier to understand and better able to protect the public? Ahpra is seeking Expressions of Interest to attend a virtual, NSW focus group/consultation session on the shared Code of conduct for health practitioners.