What is the Intersections Project?

Have you ever felt marginalised, excluded, mistreated, or belittled when receiving healthcare?
Did you feel that this was because of your faith, gender, sexuality, disability label, homelessness, or another reason?

Our Intersections Project talked to people with intersectional needs who received – or tried to receive – healthcare. That means they identify or have lived experience as a member of more than one group that often has been treated badly when seeking healthcare. They have fallen through the cracks or been put into the ‘too hard’ basket. Although many of those we consulted did not feel able to share their stories publicly, eight of the people who spoke to us for this project agreed to share their stories with you.


“Trying to access mental health care that works for me is so incredibly frustrating. The options for regular, free or cheap care are so few, and using them means giving up any sort of specialised treatment.” – Leo


Watch videos for people with intersectional needs, clinicians and health staff about how we can do better together and download the project report.

About Intersections

Find out more about our project and the concept of intersections.