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Report: Intersections – Health Care Insights from People with Intersectional Needs

Many people with a history of being marginalised report encountering health care access barriers and inequities. Research into these experiences is often limited to a single identity category. This can overlook the needs of people who experience health care access barriers and inequities as a result of multiple intersecting axes of marginalisation (e.g., disability, gender identity, and sexuality). The Intersections Project is a pilot community engagement initiative that collected health consumer narratives from people with intersectional needs seeking healthcare in Sydney. These experiences were evaluated against the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd edition): access, safety, respect, partnership, information, privacy, and the right to give feedback. This project aimed to identify healthcare inequities experienced by people with intersectional needs and offers key findings and recommendations to improve healthcare for people with intersectional needs.

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Webinar: The Intersections Projects – an overview